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guesthouse chalet sielu


​滋賀県大津市瀬田六丁目6-32 Tel: 050-7100-1579


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Seta River of the elegant flow of Lake Biwa. A red mini-log house guest house on the bank of Omi Hakkei "The road of Nitroumi" that borrowed the Seta River.
Ishiyama-ji temple on the opposite bank, Tachiki Kannon if you go down a little car. There is a promenade which can go around Seta River, there is Tang Bridge of "Restrict Kyoto to restrict the Tang Bridge" and "Big Bottom of Centipede by Selection", or slowly enjoy the gracefulness of the boat on "Setagawa Cruise".
Of course, it also became the starting point of the popular "Biwaichi", and if you run for 30 minutes by car, the city of Shigaraki is easy to explore.
It would be nice to extend your foot to the Miho Museum and Sagawa Art Museum and the art world.